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It relies upon chronometry, which is also known as timekeeping, and historiography, which examines the writing of history and the use of historical methods.

Radiocarbon dating estimates the age of formerly living things by measuring the proportion of carbon-14 isotope in their carbon content.

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Chinese researchers have successfully transmitted quantum entangled particles from a station on earth to a satellite orbiting far overhead.

Scientists had previously only been able to use the phenomenon to transmit information less than a hundred miles — any further and atmospheric conditions or imperfections in the fiber optic cables cause too much distortion.It is also "the determination of the actual temporal sequence of past events".Chronology is the science of locating historical events in time.Of the millions of photons sent over the course of a month, only 911 actually made it, meaning that the rate of actual information transfer is extremely low at the moment.But, with the proof-of-concept established, technology will likely to improve to the point where we one day may all be emailing over quantum linkages.

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