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he sad truth is that film scanning is in such a sorry state of decline that two polar opposite situations persist.Those with very high end film scanners that charge their infrequent customers a small fortune for scans of their work, or the alternative, low cost, low resolution, automatic batch scans that are usually of such poor quality that the soul is sucked out of the image.There were many other highlights, not to mention the great company of the rest of our group and the very satisfying home cooking provided by our host Lilian. he next stage of my Norwegian epic was a further five days on the remote snow covered island of Senja near to Tromso.This part of the trip was an extended one to one with two American friends one of whom has been away with me before.If you are interested in THIS course please either CONTACT me directly or pay the deposit which will reserve your place. or a considerable time now I have been mulling over the disturbing possibility that the human trade in such products as ivory and rhino horn and the general indifference on display in respect of animal conservation, typically trophy hunting of some of the most spectacular animals on planet Earth, could mean that my children and future generations might never get the opportunity to see such awesome animals as lion, giraffe, elephant, leopard and rhino outside of the sanitised and false environment of a zoo.wenty one years ago my wife and I underwent a backpacking trip around the globe lasting a year and a half starting in South Africa shortly after Nelson Mandela took charge.

One particularly memorable morning saw the snow clad mountains of Selfjord lit up like red glowing candles, I am of course a film lover and I cannot wait to see how they turn out.

I have two high end Nikon Coolscan 9000ED scanners which I currently use in my own work.

have been scanning my work for over 20 years on an almost daily basis, by that yard stick alone I must surely be considered an expert, so if you find yourself needing a few favourite transparencies scanned have a wee look at what I can offer.

To that end I have allowed myself twelve images to represent my finest taken in any one year he main bulk of the trip was centred around a firm favourite namely the island of Lofoten.

I have never been one for basing a trip there on the appearance of Northern Lights and I go at the very edge of the season as I find the combination of monochrome from the wintery mountain scapes giving way to Spring as you decrease vertical height, both intrigung and very beautiful.

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