An online dating carnival

The tables have been turned, and the rules of dating game have now been...

Excited about this whole new season bubbling with autumn fever, with latest offers and special occasions to celebrate? Especially when you have a doting partner and you both are hoping for a perfect getaway for a night...

You're probably looking for Tips On Dating and are thoroughly confused.

Forget about those boring and typical traditional dates where you have to be too formal.

No, we are not talking about making a date to attend the fair, we wish to take a step back and comment on the hidden similarities. It can’t because you’ve selected the wrong people as prospects, could it?

Our setup: The carnival ring toss – a beloved game wherein hopeful participants (rubes) toss plastic rings onto cleverly designed milk bottles. With the last ring tossed ending in the same result the doubts increase. So they have invented “reverse matching” – a process that voids your hopes and desires and supplants them with the hopes and desires of strangers. Harking back to the Bruce Willis film, your first thought on viewing the reverse match selections equates to “I see old people.” Yes, dear reader, you have been consigned to the land of the less-desirable. We also cite another movie…which may date us…but journalism/blogging sometimes requires painful disclosure…which starred Matthew Broderick (aka Ferris Bueller) called War Games. That is a mental disease stemming from poor self-worth. It’s a natural part of being the person which evolution has shaped us to become.

Dating is an adventure and should be experienced by everyone at least once in a while.

This valentines day, we will help you find the best dating tips for teenagers.

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