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Primal dating rituals and natural courtship don't include posting a profile and a few pictures, or swiping right to indicate interest. Old pictures, employment status, income, weight, age — over 80 percent of online daters don't tell the truth.

Meeting someone online is now commonplace, a reflection of how we as a culture now socialize, not a feather in the cap of the online dating industry.

highlights how Tinder has signaled a “dating apocalypse” because it doesn’t promote actual “dating” — it promotes hookups based on physical appearance.

In a nutshell: Swiping right strokes the ego of the recipient, and paves the way to sex-on-demand.

Normally, this would be a great thing, as technology makes things better.

But when it comes to love, all technology does is leave a wake of emotional destruction, disconnection, and false positives.

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Where are the questions about environment, economic conditions, and outside influences?

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